HairStudio - Free Download

Beautiful hair, now in Unity. CREATE YOUR OWN STYLE with a complete set of intuitive tools. You can author an infinity of styles directly into Unity, without any artistic or modeling skill. Start straight away by painting hair roots on any mesh!

Great White Shark - Free Download

This model is a beautiful low poly model and has been designed to work well in video games and other interactive projects that may need a giant flesh eating fish.

In-App Web Browser - Free Download

This package lets you open website inside a modal platform-native window. That gives better user experience than using Application.OpenURL as user won't leave your app.

AVPro Live Camera - Free Download

AVPro Live Camera delivers next-level camera support that surpasses the performance and device support of Unity's WebCamTexture class.

Rope Bridge Set - Free Download

A set of rope bridges for level design. A few different sizes as well as 20+ building blocks to design your own bridge.